Find Your Cadence

You and your organization are always in the midst of change. Change is one of life’s great teachers. So is conflict.

We all have habitual ways of showing up at home, at work, in our communities. Sometimes all it takes is noticing which habits are serving and which are not. Then the fieldwork begins.

You can create new facts on the ground simply through noticing your habits and making incremental changes. By habits, I mean your, or your organization’s practices, behaviors and patterns of interactions. Small shifts here often yield large, positive impacts.

Cadence coaching is professionally-credentialed by the International Coach Federation.

Nearly all of our business is from referrals from past clients and staff. Please read what our clients say about us.

Each learning opportunity starts with a conversation to check for relevance and fit. Email or call 406.461.1621 to set up a time for a free consultation. Or if you are ready to get right in, you may set up a time by clicking the yellow button on the right side of the page. Cadence is a subchapter S corporation founded by Nedra Chandler in 2002.