Nedra Chandler: owner of Cadence, Inc., a subchapter S corporation founded in 2002.

I do the bulk of my work with my two partner teams at Triangle Associates and Elation. In addition to face-to-face work regionally and nationally, we conduct work virtually through collaborative technologies, online education content, as well as self-guided coaching.

What I do is support and guide from the side with solid, adaptable process. I hold up a mirror so you can see and experience where you want to take your own development next. That’s my thing. I work solo or with my experienced teams of professionals at Elation and Triangle to make sure you get the value you came here for.

Thing 1: seasoned professional coach, International Coach Federation Associate credential. Executive, team or intergroup partnering and conflict coaching.

Thing 2: mediator primarily for state, federal and tribal government.

Thing 3: third party facili-trainer.

Please read what my clients say here.

My success in this field for three decades is about my courage and clear codes of ethics — one for coaching and a different one for intervening and serving as third party facilitator in public dialog and decisions.

I’m willing, and do take deliberate risks on behalf of the process and outcomes participants need.

Nearly all my business comes through referrals from past clients. I check with you to discern what you are ready for, design a customized program with you to fit.

Each learning opportunity starts with a conversation to check for relevance, chemistry and fit.  Schedule a consultation at left, or email or call 406.461.1621 to set up a time for an initial free call.

If you are ready to get right in, you may set up a time by clicking the yellow button below my photo at left.