“I get so much value out of every coaching conversation and there’s action that comes out of each one.” — Susan Russo, National Park Service

“Nedra was my leadership coach last year as part of some ongoing work we are doing between Tribal, Federal and local government finding properties to clean up and redevelop together. What a surprise to find out how valuable it is to have a learning partner to support me in identifying my biggest strengths and talents and then increase my use of those day to day.” — Ashleigh Dupree-Weeks, Fort Peck Tribes Office of Environmental Protection

“Nedra coached me through a long and ultimately successful hiring process. She guided me towards what she knew I could achieve, and her focused and clear assessment of my knowledge and skills gave me the confidence to move toward career options that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Through guided inquiry and role-playing, she helped me approach several employer interviews with expanded confidence and skill. Nedra’s coaching has liberated me from the fear of failing, and ultimately led me to the job of my dreams!” — Amy Sheppard, The Nature Conservancy

“Nedra is an exceptional listener with a keen sense of how different energies in a group work (or don’t) together. I always appreciate her ability to draw out perspectives of each individual, and her capacity to meet the group where it is. She is very flexible and ready with just the thing that can get us unstuck.”
— Wendy Thomi, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

“One of the many strengths that Nedra brings to the table is the ability to know when to push and pull agencies into new comfort zones. Enhanced opportunities for honest reflection and dialog, both internal and external, exist because of her ability to do this. Nedra was a joy to work with.”
—Denice Swanke, National Park Service 

“Nedra has great skills in working with a group of individuals who are skeptical about a facilitated process. She helps with development of vision and she has the flexibility to adjust in ways that blend and empower the group.”
— Julie DalSoglio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“Nedra was awesome to work with and she helps multiagency groups create constructive work environments. She demonstrated enormous flexibility. A huge value added was that she followed up with some critically useful document preparation. In short, a very dependable, effective and smart facilitator. She made everyone’s job easier.” — William Shott, National Park Service 

“Nedra has also provided two different teams I lead with professional development assessments called Lumina Spark. Through the use of a standardized, online tool each team member received an individualized personal development portrait. It was highly useful and the individual attention and follow up to interpret made the team development exercise most valuable.”
 William Shott, National Park Service 

“You leveled the playing field. You ensured that every person’s expression and way they view the world was honored as important to the outcome. You were very clear about what your role was in the process. The summaries were very, very helpful as well as your intuition/insight into human nature. A positive experience. I would do it again if you were facilitating.”
 Patricia Sternberg, Lewis & Clark County Library Business Manager

“Thanks so much for your hard work, professionalism and expertise as you helped Montana State Library identify what we were ready for and then find the courage and inspiration to make some major leaps forward.”  — Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian

“The monthly phone calls didn’t take much time and ended up helping at just the right times. For just one example, she helped me discover a more effective and authentic way I could manage staff time across shared projects. The coaching helped me continue to build the trust and respect that is at the heart of our work inside government and with other partners.” — Ashleigh Dupree-Weeks, Fort Peck Tribes Office of Environmental Protection

“For me, your approaches made a lot of sense, so valuable to me. I appreciated your more informal approaches to our conversations and letting the conversation take us where it did – and most of the time even the smallest circumstances led to a larger actionable conclusion so it worked for me. I wasn’t sure if that would work and at first thought I wanted you to dictate the topics but in the end I am much more pleased with the way we did things. Thank you.” —anonymous feedback from senior executive at a national health care company