Lumina Learning

Cadence is pleased to offer you and your team the insightful assessment tools of Lumina Learning. Nedra is a Lumina Learning qualified practitioner offering Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader assessments to individuals and groups. Please purchase Lumina Spark using the buttons below, or schedule a session using the yellow button at the right.

All pricing of Lumina Learning includes the labor cost of the initial preparation for generating Lumina Spark first, then a walk through of your results. For Lumina Leader 360, Cadence will work with you to get structured feedback from boards, managers, peers, direct reports, clients and others you invite to offer you candid, highly-valuable feedback you can use as development insight for many years to come.

By the end of your Lumina Spark walk through by phone or in person, you can count on having:
1. the summary your top strengths and tailored suggestions for personal/professional development;
2. new and affirmed insight into where you amplify and suppress strengths in your underlying and everyday ‘personas;’
3. your own reported and apparent overextensions; and
4. immediately-useable strategies you can employ to self manage more skillfully.

Spark is the foundation of these portraits. Then go on for Lumina Leader followed by Leader 360 walk through and you can count on having:

1. a clear sense of how you are coming across to your board or leadership, your peers, those who work for you, and others you invite in as raters. They will rate you and provide narrative comments about the finer points of how they see you operating in 4 main leadership domains — leading through people, leading to deliver, leading to inspire, leading with drive.

2. immediately useable strategies to develop the leadership qualities that are your biggest assets already.

3. insights into ways you can use your most effective leadership qualities to bring yourself back to composure when stress or overwhelm put you that overextended state that occasionally or chronically bites you or your organization.