Organizational Health & Development

“Our most valued resource is our staff.” How often is that professed from the management of an organization? It is true that the most critical component of nearly any organization is the staff. A recent Gallup poll shows that an astonishing 70% of American employees are disengaged at work.

There are many potential causes for employee disengagement, probably as many causes as there are disengaged employees. Often subsurface conflict drives disengagement.

How does the leadership of the organization show the staff that they are valued and that their contributions are appreciated? How do staff become more aware of the qualities they bring to work every day and especially when they are under pressure?

Awareness leads to improved self management which leads to greater satisfaction and performance in the work place. Cadence offers numerous tools and approaches to help managers and staff build team effectiveness. Call or email us to begin a discussion about your situation and how we can help.