Organizational Health & Development

Clarity of purpose and trust enlivens teams and supports them while they level up and develop together. We work with leadership teams to make sure they get the feedback they need from one another and others outside the organization with a stake and a role in the mission. We apply the practical aspects of Edgar Schein’s view of organizational culture. If you can accept that your culture is comprised of beliefs, values and habits, then you can hone in on inconsistencies between what your organizations says you value and what your organization does by way of observable patterns of interaction (habits). This provides actionable ways to increase your organizational health.

Is your courage to confront and work through conflict in the organization and its leadership team present now?

How does the leadership of the organization show the staff that they are valued and that their contributions are appreciated?

How do staff become more aware of the qualities they bring to work every day and fully bring their strengths. How do people become more skillful at managing themselves under pressure?

Awareness leads to improved self management which leads to greater satisfaction, rentention and performance in the work place. Cadence offers numerous tools and approaches to help managers and staff build team effectiveness. Call or email us to begin a discussion about your situation and how we can help.