Professional Coaching

Life has a way of showing all of us what we need to attend to, what’s there to keep co-learning and developing by way of self and team awareness.

Cadence coaching is for people who are freely choosing to develop themselves and their own mastery on purpose — actively becoming more and more resourceful, accepting the realities of discomfort, conflict and change and aware of those moments of clarity and joy. As your partner in development, I help you discover your own unique ways to keep realizing your quest and experiencing your life in the present moment. Through practice, the benefits stick after the coaching program is completed.

Your relationship with your development coach is like no other. Why? Because people who are deeply listened to by someone outside their day-to-day world feel safer to listen to themselves, and consequently more likely to excel. It’s an empowering, time-limited partnership.

A wise coach offered me this: your time, energy, love and money are are all forms of currency. What you do with these resources tells you the truth of what matters to you. You need to know what’s important to you in order to take action and keep growing and keep making your best choices about how to embody your leadership role.

I am credentialed by the International Coach Federation and abide by their code of ethics and competencies. Almost all of my coach clients come to me via referral, repeat clients, or agency rosters. It’s important to have a good fit and interpersonal chemistry. If you wish to start with an introductory call to interview me, click on the yellow scheduling button at right and enter the code free interview to set anywhere from 10-50 minutes to connect, depending on what makes sense to us at that time.