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You are looking for more spark and satisfaction in your personal and professional life. You are the one with the power to discover your own trail through conflict and change — creating the best possible outcomes. That’s your thing.

What I do is support and guide from the side with solid, adaptable process. I hold up a mirror so you can see and experience where you want to take your own development next. That’s my thing. Plus I work with an experienced team of professionals who make sure you get the value you came here for.

We can help you navigate conflict and change and grow wiser and more resourceful in your own authentic ways while you are at it. See what clients are saying here.

The reason I serve in this field because I love the aliveness it brings out everywhere — in clients I work with, in communities and worksites, and in me.

It’s evident to me now that humanity and this planet will be better off when everyone from age 3 to 100+ has more and more ease navigating conflict and change.

Cadence Founder Nedra Chandler’s Particular Credentials and Experience

  • Professional development coaching, organizational development & training for individuals and teams
  • 25 years experience in third party facilitation of public decisions; private, public, court-connected and discrimination claims mediation
  • Completion certificates for Presence-Based Coaching I and II and mentor coaching, 2015 Doug Silsbee
  • Conflict coaching credential and qualified practitioner, 2013 Lumina Learning and International Coach Federation
  • M.A., Geography, University of Washington, 1992
  • B.A., Political Science, Montana State University, 1987
  • Mediation Certificate, University of Washington Law School, 1996
  • Member of the Udall Foundation’s U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution Roster & the Native Dispute Resolution Network since inception of both rosters in 1998 and 2002, National ECR Roster and Native Dispute Resolution Network

Allow us to help you get on with the rewarding, skill-building aspects of conflict management and resolution rather than focusing overly much on the dwelling, miserable, stuck parts of conflict. Conflict is just energy with power to move us along in our own human development and in recognizing, accomplishing and enjoying the things that matter most to us.

In some cases, I assemble local teams to fit the needs and bring them on as employees or subcontractors. Call me for more information. If you are seeking coaching or establishing (or continuing) a learning community in your agency, check out Cadence organizational development and course offerings. I use Lumina Learning and other (both validated and experimental!) methods that stick and grow with you.